A little bit about me and my love of electronic music…

Sascha Lupeski was born in a little town called Schorndorf near Stuttgart in South Germany. The year was 1979. He still lives there to this day and enjoys his life greatly.

Sascha got into Electronic Music in the early 90’s and has been addicted to the process of creating his House Music style ever since.

Every Saturday night from 9pm-12 midnight, Sascha recorded push button cassette tapes on Radio HR3 Club Nights. He was inspired by the sounds of guest DJ’s like Sven Väth, Lady D., Chilly T. , Heinz Felber, Mark Spoon, DJ Dag, Talla 2XLC and Ulli Brenner. He didn’t care that each of these artists had a different feel and style, all he wanted to do was load up his Walkman with new stuff.

Sascha would listen to these House Mixed Cassette Tapes over and over again, sometimes more than 1,000 times and often wonder to himself, “How do they do that?”

Before long, Sascha was attempting to mix tapes together with a modified cassette tape recorder. As he says, “Sometimes, I got Lucky and the Mix worked!”

Limited only by his Imagination, Sascha decided to get more equipment so that he could make new mixes.

Sascha recalls, “Most of the tapes I had in my box included a few tracks that I didn’t like at all, so back in 1997, I decided to buy a pair of Technics Turntables to mix my own mixes together.

A word an a blow ! I bought two Technics SL 1210 MK2 Turntables, a Pioneer Mixer and a bunch of records. It was then, I started to record my own mix tapes.”

He continues, “Those where the days when my vinyl buying habits started and I regularly went out to the local record shops to buy a lot of the hottest House Music tunes so that I could stick them on my mix tapes.

“I bought everything that kicks ass! House, 2Step, Old Skool Breaks, Speed Garage and all the Old Piano House Tunes I had heard on my mix-tapes. From time to time, I didn’t have the money to actually buy something to eat! But I had some awesome new Tunes in my box and THAT was more important!”

Keeping his priorities straight, music over food, Sascha has to date collected over 10,000 vinyl records. An incredible collection indeed! Out of those records he has purchased through time – he has sold none.

Seeing the rage for the new MP3 Music and an opportunity to share even more music through the web, Sascha saved up his money and bought Pioneer CDJ’s. Sascha remembers, “A Word and a Blow, I saved all the money I could and then I bought some Pioneer CDJ’s and a new Pioneer Mixer as well.”

By the time 2007 rolled around, Sascha’s House and Electronic Music had begun to spread around the World, via a website he launched at that time.

“Since then, I have used my CDJ’s every single day to play around with and record my records. Some of the mixes I have recorded are listed here on my newest website and I’d like to share them with you!”

And here you are today, on Sascha’s website where he shares his incredible House Music with you – All For Free. While you may still have an old Walkman running CD or Cassettes, go ahead and try some MP3’s and load up the iPod too.

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